frozen drink machine rentals delivered to you for all occasions


Single Machine Rental



$ 185.00


  • 1 Drink Mix (makes approximately 60 -70, 8oz drinks)
  • Free Delivery* and Set-up
  • Tropical Skirt and Umbrella 
  • Mixing Jug and Instructions
  • Extension Cord (if needed)
  • Additional mixes available @ $20.00 each

* Included within free delivery area

Double Machine Rental


$ 235.00


  • 2 Drink Mixes (makes approximately 120 -140, 8oz drinks)
  • Free Delivery* and Set-up
  • Tropical Skirt and Umbrella (NOTE - Let us know if your party is a different theme, we will try to coordinate.) 
  • Mixing Jug and Instructions
  • Extension Cord (if needed)
  • Additional mixes available @ $20.00 each

* Included within free delivery area



  • Q: Is the Margaritas-2U machine easy to use?
  • A: Yes, this machine is very simple to operate. When it is delivered, we will mix the first batch and show you all you need to know. We will also leave instructions with all the steps so you won't forget.

  • Q: Do I need to supply anything?
  • A: You need to have a standard 15 amp 110 volt DEDICATED circuit close to the desired location of the machine. Nothing else can run off of that circuit for the duration of the party.  This is important because these machines are powerful and need their own circuit. PLEASE NOTE: we are not responsible for blown circuits. You will also need any alcohol and garnishments that will go into the drinks. (WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE ALCOHOL).  These machines are heavy.  If you have more than a few steps leading into your house please let us know, we will bring a helper to get the machine in or we ask you to have someone on hand who could help.  Remember, the beauty of these machines is that you don't even need to supply ice!

  • Q: How many drinks do I get from one batch?
  • A: The amounts vary between flavors but most yield between 50-60 eight ounce drinks. Extra mixes are $20.00/each, but you are not charged if they are unopened.

  • Q: How long does the first batch take to freeze down?
  • A: The first batch takes approximately 30-40 minutes to freeze down (possibly a little longer in extremely hot weather). After that, you just keep filling the reservoir with additional batches when the "mix-low" light comes on. There is no down time in freezing subsequent batches, and the drinks keep flowin'

  • Q: How early do I need to reserve my machine?
  • A: Just call or email to reserve a machine for your party. Margaritas-2U recommends you reserve your machine as soon as you know your party date.  

  • Q: Can I use these machines to make drinks for children's parties?
  • A: Yes, these machines are a hit at children's parties. The mixes are delicious without alcohol and kids love the flavors.

  • Q: What if I want two flavors at my party?
  • A: We recomend renting two machines or a double bowl machine, but you certainly can use one machine and change flavors between batches. Keep in mind that there will be some mixing of the previous batch with the new batch (for approximately 8-10 drinks), however, we've had lots of people tell us that those "mixed" drinks were the best!

  • Q: What kind of alcohol do I need and how much?
  • A: Most flavors require either tequila or rum. When you pick your flavors we will give you our tried-and-true recipes for how to make perfect frozen drinks that your guests will be talking about for a long time!

  • Q: What do I do with the machine when the party is over?
  • A: Simply empty the machine of any remaining drink mix and turn the machine off. You can save leftover mix in double-bagged ziploc baggies (or any freezer-safe container) and freeze them.